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Almond Thins enrobed with dark chocolate with light yellow ganache and Belgian raspberries

Offer yourself a moment of real indulgence with Jules Destrooper's Almond Thins in dark chocolate, with a finishing touch of light yellow ganache and lovely red Belgian raspberries! Talking of a delightful 3-colour combination...


5-10 minutes
Almond thins enrobed with dark chocolate

10 persons

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Almond Thins enrobed with dark chocolate with light yellow ganache and Belgian raspberries

All you need is

  1. Jules Destrooper's Almond Thins enrobed with dark chocolate
  2. 100g of fresh raspberries
  3. 100g of white chocolate
  4. 50g of butter
  5. 1 piping bag


To make the white ganache (a sort of white chocolate mousse), melt the white chocolate au bain marie. Once the chocolate is melted, blend it with cold butter. Pour the mixture into the piping bag.

Lay the almond thins enrobed with dark chocolate on a plate and squeeze three small blobs of white ganache on to them. Then add the fresh raspberries.

The chef's serving tip

For a truly Belgian touch, you can go for a Reninge Bitter Blond, a well-hopped, summery beer. All the more so since Reninge Bitter Blond, just like our 'Lukken' (butter waffles), is officially recognized as a traditional regional product.

Did you know...?

…that when raspberries are harvested, they are picked without the stalk. Should you wish to keep them a bit longer, it is advisory to pick them with the stalk.

…that you can also use the leaves of the raspberry bush - when dried, they make a perfect tea.

…that Almond Thins enrobed with dark chocolate are a relative newcomer to the Jules Destrooper range, having made their first appearance in early 2011.

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